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I am Marwa Metzler,

Life & Empowerment Coach


I see you….I see the core being of you & I hold space for you as you awaken to embody the whole BEING of who you are!


As a women with immigrant roots & intercultural experiences, who has lived in different countries in the world, I have learned to value the power of getting to choose how we see ourselves & the importance of radiating that image so people are invited to tune into its frequency and meet us in that genuine nonjudgemental space. Allow me to guide you on this art of crafting a life that mirrors your soul and has its signature.


Trauma, injustice, hardships & limitations- we all experience them in some form, but we also all possess the power within us to heal, transform & create our own identity in order for us to contribute to promote peace & equality. The journey starts from within!


In my coaching, I help my clients tap into their inner sacred power, activate their resources & align the body and soul in order to birth their true identity. By building that inward bridge, clients will be able to disconnect from the old self and re-connect with the new self creating the life they envision manifesting the peace & joy they crave & seek.

My earthly identity guaranteed a narrative woven by threads of trauma, but also paradoxically, provided an incredibly rich soil & birthplace for my resilience & empowerment. I am not a victim of what has been done to me, I am a victor and I am so fortunate to do what I am passionate about. That is why I have developed my unique and distinguished Life & Empowerment Coaching Program to help you Wake Up & Be the complete, whole & resourceful person you already are!


My mission is to guide & mobilise ambitious women who desire to make an impact in the world through the power of LOVE vs. the love of power, by choosing to activate and deepen their connection with their divine sacred feminine energy to embody the change they envision in the world and transform it into consistent conscious action plan.


Description of Coaching

Coaching is a partnership, a journey of introspective, expansion and transformation where thoughts, feelings and narratives go through a process of alchemy. You learn how to create your own world.


As your coach, I serve as your guide, your companion on this path of growth, your mirror, your parachute, your escort and your biggest cheerleader. I help you find your blindspots, connect with your body, especially your heart & challenge your incoherent beliefs & actions that don’t align with your values. Together, we dig into & identify the root-causes of your limitations and negative emotions to bring them to surface, neutralise them & allow them to transform to fuel your BEING and mobilise you into the DOING to step into your dream and HAVING the life you envision.









As a coach with more than two decades of personal and professional experiences working with family systems, in different cultures & organisational settings creating leadership, empowerment and integration programs, delivering workshops and trainings in areas of self-empowerment, diversity & spirituality, I have developed my own unique and distinguished style. I always seek to update and improve my approach to be of best service to my clients. At this stage of my career I follow a holistic, evidence-based, intuitive, trauma-informed model, which combines positive psychology & solution-focused coaching with embodiment. 


My coaching program is designed to:


•    incorporate the body component focusing on the connection between the mind, body & spirit.

•    include inner child work & visualisation to reconnect & reconcile with the part of you that is holding you back.

•    employ emotional freedom technique, shadow work and archetypal patterns as part of my toolkit to help you release               blocked emotions & integrate the different parts of your being.

•    use advanced questioning techniques to help you gain awareness & identity dysfunctional patterns & limiting systems.

•    invite you to dig into your subconscious mind to uncover your own answers and find solutions that work for you.

•    provide a non-judgmental space for you to balance-reflect & contemplate beyond your conditioned mind.

•    support you as you develop new habits to sustain the great & grateful life you envision and embody.

•    employ strategies that challenge you to stretch your comfort zone & move away from the black & white, all or nothing               mentality into the more colourful infinite possibilities of mastery & excellency.

•    empower you to sustain the new-born identity and rejoice in showing up to your integrated self.

•    activate the power of self-love and compassion as the foundation of our being.

All strategies & techniques are designed and delivered within the framework of coaching. I always ask my client’s permission beforehand for any exercise or technique I use during the session. My clients are the experts on their lives, my role is to mirror their reflection & challenge them lovingly to expand & embody their full BEING! 

My coaching approach


Melissa Gohar: High school teacher & psychologist

Marwa is an absolutely amazing coach! I always felt heard, empowered and encouraged to search for my path. I loved how Marwa incorporated the body component in all of her sessions, she truly brought my attention to my energy and my body, and the connection between mind, body and spirit. Marwa has this incredible energy that you can feel as soon as the conversation begins. She completely throws herself into each session and truly mirrors her clients. I would absolutely recommend Marwa to anyone who is looking for empowerment and a coach that is going to push you to reach your goals.


JSCS Certified Life & Success Coach 2020
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