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My Story


I’m a highly vibrant, energetic, passionate & purposeful person. I bring my high energy, enthusiasm, zest for life, sense of humour along with my knowledge & intuition. I have a large heart for service that surpasses nationalities, religions, cultures, languages and personal beliefs. But I wasn't always this way. Allow me to share with you the highlights of my story.


I’m a Christian Palestinian woman, married, mother of two teenagers and living in Austria.


Born in Jerusalem & raised up in Bethlehem, living under occupation, being conditioned by a strong collective consciousness that values loyalty over love, in a patriarchal culture, embedded in a highly historical, politically conflictual & religiously charged context…I grew up believing that’s who I am & if that’s the case, well then I were in serious troubles! However, I’ve always had that inner sense of reverence for life & the living & considered myself lucky, but luck defined in a a spiritual context means “living in a state of grace”! And I can attest to that. It’s only by the grace of God the AGAPE, or the Universe or Allah or Source or…..whatever you feel comfortable calling the Devine, that I have been able to keep re/wiring my brain & re-orienting myself towards my soul identity, expanding & getting out of my comfort zone to upgrade my Being.


Living in different countries, traveling the world, learning to speak several languages, being exposed to various cultures, celebrating and mourning with fellow humans from different religions, working in the healing field, raising up citizens of the world & lately learning the art of coaching, I have been blessed with the gift of constant transformation & continuous connection with the core of my being. 


Today I consider myself a seeker for Devine laws, which we are called to embody in our lives cross- and inter-culturally, beyond religions & races, cultures & nationalities, but most importantly inwardly! From my own experience I have learned that this micro inner level houses our biggest challenges. Coaching has helped me balance out the macro with the micro, my earth with my soul identity. I know my roots & where I stand, but I keep seeking the light where I could grow & branch out, flourish & bloom.

My Qualifications

•     AC Accredited Foundation Coach

•     Certified Life & Success Coach (Jay Shetty School of Certification)

•     Masters in Arts of Marriage & Family Therapy (PLU, Tacoma, WA)

•     Bachelor of Theology in Christian Education (NEST, Beirut, Lebanon)

•     Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

•     Trauma Booster Technique Practitioner

•     Transcendental Meditator since 2000

•     Reiki Practitioner-Level 2

•     Pilates Instructor

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